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Reunited and it feels so good!
October 23rd, 2012
.Wow....this is almost unbelievable! Pictured here is the fantastic R&B/blues guitar master Marty Charters who has toured the world playing with legends like Junior Wells , Staples Family...etc..
We are fortunate enough to have a guy like this living in Lexington and even more fortunate to have him as a longtime customer and friend.
About 7 years ago we built a custom amp for Marty so he could retire his beloved 64' Vibrolux.....then 5 years and 3 months ago some fool stole the amp right out of Marty's car after a gig one night.
The police were called in and the search was on....even a suspect was named but to no avail. The amp seemed lost forever until another longtime customer found the amp in a pawnshop a short distance south of Lexington.
Knowing it was unlikely to find a custom built amp in a pawnshop he suspected something was up and gave us a call, we asked him to bring the amp in so we could identify it.
As soon as the amp entered the shop there was no question that this was Marty's stolen amp!
Two calls were made...one to the local police and one to Marty who immediately came to the shop to see for himself that his amp had come back home!!
A big thank you to the parties involved in bringing this amp back to it's rightful owner and a big congratulations to Marty for getting it back on stage with him where it belongs
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