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Burriss Products

  • Tube Rectifier
  • 30w/ Universal Power
  • On-Board Reverb--1x5AR428
    w/ Universal Power--2x6L6GC
  • Vibrato can be added--6x12AX7
  • Shipping weight-
    (1-12 = 67 lbs)(2-12 = 71 lbs)(2-10 = 67 lbs)
  • The Shadow

    •Your Guitar •Your sound
    •A true American Voice

    SINGLE CHANNEL: Clean, mild overdrive with a big American voice, On-board dual phase inverter circuit equipped with a selector switch delivering two styles of clean American Character.

    Audio Samples-

    Eddie Berman From Indoor storm Jammin' on a Shadow

    Note: Quality differs from the actual Amplifier. The only way to hear the TRUE tone, is to actually play one!