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Welcome to Burriss Amps!

May 16th, 2012
Here's a cool vid of Alejandro Escovedo and some pretty cool friend tearin' it up at this years SXSW festival in Austin...Burriss Amps style!!!
December 21st, 2011
Ever wanted to test drive a Burriss Amp or Effects Pedal? You are on the fence, trying to verify those good rumors you've heard. Maybe you're skeptic if such an amazing tone actually exists! Well, now is your chance to hear it yourself. Burriss Amps will be setting up shop just after the new year at the Winter Namm show in Anaheim! We'll have our product line ready for you to check out, in Booth #5899!

Joining us at the booth will be QED inc. Which offers amazing lighting products such as the personal light show, the bil-light, and other lighting tools that can help you find anything from your car keys, to your long lost guitar pick.

See you there!
October 26th, 2011
Burriss built its reputation on boutique amps, including the Royal Bluesman— which is highly regarded among tone connoisseurs such as Jimmy Vivino from TBS’ late-night show Conan. (Check out our January 2011 Dirty Red review at premierguitar.com.) But, like many amp builders, Burriss has also branched out into the world of pedal manufacturing. The company recently released the Boostiest 2.5, which contains the same components as its discontinued Boostiest II but with a redesigned and streamlined internal PCB and simpler graphics, resulting in a more wallet-friendly price tag ($175 versus the Boostiest II’s $225.)

Twice as Dirty
The Boostiest 2.5 is built around two independent sections called Overdrive and Boostier, both housed in a single enclosure. Burriss designed the unit to take up as little floor space as possible, ...   Read more...
August 16th, 2011

Vaughn from Warehouse Guitar Speakers gave us some real props on his recent blog!

"Howdy folks!  It’s time to shine the spotlight on another Amp Builder with the wisdom to choose WGS speakers.  This week I’m featuring Bob Burriss and the Burriss amp line.  In Bob’s case "wisdom" is an understatement; the guy’s a freaking genius, he can smell good tone.  I get the feeling he’s like Ken Fischer without the baggage.  Only time will tell if Bob’s amps will one day demand the respect of Ken’s Trainwrecks.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Why?  Well, READ ON!

I met Bob and toured the Burriss facility in Lexington Kentucky about two years ago when I reviewed his high-gain ...   Read more...

July 19th, 2011
Please check out the current review in Europe's best guitar magazine "Grand Guitars" here!